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Celebrate Healthcare Heroes for National Nurses Day

National Nurses Week is a special occasion that recognizes nurses' unwavering commitment and hard work throughout the United States. This year, Saltwater Coastal Grill, located in Rosemont, IL, is taking a step further to honor these healthcare heroes by offering them an exclusive discount of 15% off their bill. As a nurse in the Rosemont area, you are cordially invited to Saltwater, where you can take advantage of this offer by showing your badge. This remarkable gesture is our way of expressing gratitude for the invaluable services you provide to the community.

Why Nurses Are So Important

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. They provide essential patient care, often being the first point of contact and the most consistent presence throughout a patient's healthcare journey. Their expertise, compassion, and commitment make a significant difference in the lives of those they care for. Nurses not only administer treatment but also offer emotional support, educate patients and families, and advocate for patient welfare. Their role is critical, and their impact is measurable.

Pick Your Favorites From Our Menu

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Help Us Toast to Our Nurses

As we approach National Nurses Week, let's take a moment to recognize the extraordinary contributions of nurses in our healthcare systems. They are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our health and well-being. If you are a nurse in Rosemont, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and invite you to join us at Saltwater Coastal Grill to celebrate your remarkable accomplishments. Please reserve a table today by calling our team at (847)233-0077!