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How Many Rolls of Sushi to Order Per Person?

How Many Rolls of Sushi to Order Per Person?

At Saltwater Coastal Grill, one of the most frequent questions we get from our guests is, "How many rolls of sushi should I order per person?" It's an important question, especially when ensuring everyone leaves satisfied without over-ordering. Here's a simple guide to help you decide.

General Guideline for Sushi Rolls

The number of sushi rolls to order can depend on several factors, including appetite, whether sushi is the main dish or part of a larger meal, and individual preferences.

1. Appetizer or Main Course?

If sushi is just an appetizer, 1-2 rolls per person should suffice. This will leave room for enjoying other dishes on the menu. If sushi is the main course, typically 2-3 rolls per person is a good amount. For those with a larger appetite, consider going for 3-4 rolls.

2. Accompaniments Matter

You might need fewer rolls when ordering sides like miso soup, edamame, or a salad. These sides add variety and help balance the meal.

3. Individual Preferences

Hungry eaters might need more, while light eaters might be satisfied with less. It's always a good idea to start conservatively and order more if needed.

Our Delicious Sushi Rolls

At Saltwater Coastal Grill, we offer various classic and specialty sushi rolls. Here’s a look at our menu to help you decide:

Classic Sushi Rolls

- Fish Roll

  - Tuna, salmon, or yellowtail

- Spicy Fish Roll

  - Tuna, salmon, or yellowtail

- California Roll

  - Real crab mix, avocado, cucumber

- Philadelphia Roll

  - Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber

- Spicy Scallop Roll

  - Scallop, cucumber

- Mango Avocado Roll

  - Mango, avocado

- Shrimp Tempura Roll

  - Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce

Specialty Rolls

- Rosemont Roll

  - Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried, topped with jalapeno, spicy mayo

- Chicago Roll

  - Spicy tuna, yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, spicy sauce

- Sushi World Roll

  - Salmon tempura, avocado, mango, cream cheese, real crab mix, eel sauce, spicy mayo

- Lover Roll

  - Real crab mix, avocado, cucumber, shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, eel sauce

- Crunchy Roll

  - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, crunch, tobiko, spicy mayo, eel sauce

- Dragon Roll

  - Eel, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce

- Pink Lady Roll

  - Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, mango, soy paper, eel sauce, spicy mayo

- Diamond Roll

  - Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, tobiko, soy paper, spicy mayo, eel sauce

- Kiss On Fire Roll

  - Spicy tuna, yellowtail, seared salmon, avocado, jalapeno, tobiko, scallion, chili sauce, eel sauce

- Saltwater Roll

  - Shrimp tempura, albacore tuna, cucumber, soy paper, wagyu, avocado, ponzu, teriyaki sauce

Contact Saltwater Coastal Grill for More Information

Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or a first-time taster, our diverse menu has something for everyone. Remember the general guidelines, but also feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff for recommendations based on your party size and preferences. At Saltwater Coastal Grill, we’re committed to a delightful dining experience, ensuring every bite is memorable. Give us a call at (847) 233-0077 or submit a contact form online.